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ADR Demo

At right is my sound redesign made with Pro Tools using the Blender Institute’s film Glass Half directed by Beorn Leonard and produced by Ton Roosendaal. The original film is 3:13 minutes; this project reimagines the first 1:41. Special thanks to Dominick Trice at TRCoA University who guided me through Pro Tools and ADR techniques. Thanks to script co-author Grace Juell and voice actor Rhiannon Murphy. (I voiced the two male characters.) provided public domain sound and music. I used Movavi to sharpen the final video. And, finally, a massive thank you to the original team who made this wonderful film.

Preston C. Harris

What do you want to hear? 

I'm a voice actor, stage actor, and eager collaborator.

On my website you'll find my VO demos, resume, and contact info. Hope to work with you soon!


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